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What’s new in Zabbix 5.2 – Zabbix Blog

Zabbix is a universal open-source enterprise-level monitoring solution, therefore Zabbix has all the enterprise-grade features included: SSO, distributed monitoring, Zabbix Insights, advanced secur… Source: What’s new in Zabbix 5.2

Automating Helm using Ansible/ Redhat

We recently released the kubernetes.core 1.1, our first Red Hat Certified Content Collection release, for general use. A big part of the new content that has been introduced is support for automating Helm operations. Source: Automating Helm using Ansible

A deep dive into the Citrix HDX FIDO2 and Windows Hello optimized virtual channel with virtual desktops and apps using USB, NFC, BLE, and built-in authenticators –

FIDO2 is as groundbreaking for the Internet as HTTP going to HTTPS many years ago in my opinion.  Right now there is a consortium of 260+ companies you may recognize trying to positively change the world and make both your personal life and enterprise life secure and easy to use across the Internet down to…

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