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Updating the VMware PowerCLI Community Repository!

If you’ve ever tried searching for a script or a module before, you know it’s not the easiest thing to accomplish. This sentiment has been coming up more and more as of late. There’s a ton of amazing PowerCLI scripts and modules, PowerActions scripts, DSC resources, and so forth contributed by the community and openly…

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Which Version of PowerCLI is Right For Me?

“I have PowerCLI 5.5 installed because I manage a vSphere 5.5 environment. I’ll update to PowerCLI 6.0 when I upgrade my vSphere environment to 6.0.” Sound familiar? This is one of the most common things we hear during VMUGs, customer meetings, and around the community in general. This also happens to be a HUGE misconception.…

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Vmware vSphere PowerCLI – SCRIPT LIST

This page will give you a direct link to all scripts and useful one-liners I have written. Getting Started Virtual Machines ESX Hosts Licensing Datastore’s Networking Reporting Lessons Cluster Snap… Quelle: SCRIPT LIST