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Application Check after Image build with Pester Module and Report Engine –

IntroductionTest with Pester and Extend FrameworkDownload the required componentsConfiguration SoftwareSetWebServerE-Mail configurationJson ValidationConfigure the Reference FilesGet-Help of the scriptE-Mail ReportConclusion Introduction After an Image build is complete, it’s necessary to check the existing applications against the reference list, to see if something missed. Mostly you can implement this part in the ESD Solution, to check winword.exe,…

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No more Basic Authentication for Exchange Online – what does that mean for us? – Xenit Technical

Microsoft recently announced that they are turning off Basic Authentication in Exchange Online on October 13, 2020. This means a year for customers to adapt. But what does this mean in reality? In short, no more Basic Auth for: ActiveSync POP/IMAP Remote PowerShell This also means you Source: No more Basic Authentication for Exchange Online –…

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