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How to use FIDO2 security keys remotely inside a virtual desktop session hundreds of miles away using Citrix HDX USB redirection and Microsoft Azure AD –

You can use FIDO2 hardware security keys plugged into your physical desktop over the Citrix HDX remoting protocol for use with virtualized Windows Desktop and Server OSes that can be hundreds of miles away running in your data center or cloud tenant (Azure IaaS). There are many use cases for FIDO2 keys used over a…

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How to enable FIDO2 password-less authentication with Microsoft Azure AD for use with Windows 10 and SaaS web apps –

The future state of password-less authentication for Microsoft Windows enterprise environments will be a combination of 3 options: Windows Hello for Business Microsoft Authenticator FIDO2 hardware security keys Of these, FIDO2 is the non-proprietary method and can be used with other IdPs (identity providers), non-Microsoft environments, as well as many consumer web services which means…

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Authentication: Push – Ask the Architect

One of my goals before the end of the year is to protect my online accounts with multi-factor authentication. I’ve been protecting many of my identities with TOTP. TOTP is a great way to add … Source: Authentication: Push