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Citrix NetScaler Management & Analytics System

Citrix NetScaler Management & Analytics System This year at Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas. Citrix introduced there new product NetScaler Management & Analytics Systemà NetScaler MAS for short. So what is NetScaler MAS. NetScaler MAS is a solution to bring Operational Efficiency, Visibility & DevOps through Management & Analytics. NetScaler MAS is a centralized ……

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NetScaler 11.1 what’s new?

NOTE: More detailes to come during the day! So for some time now I have been part of the NetScaler 11.1 Beta, and as part of that I’ve been able to dig deep into the new features which are part of … Quelle: NetScaler 11.1 what’s new? | Marius Sandbu – IT blog