A deep dive into the Citrix HDX FIDO2 and Windows Hello optimized virtual channel with virtual desktops and apps using USB, NFC, BLE, and built-in authenticators – JasonSamuel.com

FIDO2 is as groundbreaking for the Internet as HTTP going to HTTPS many years ago in my opinion.  Right now there is a consortium of 260+ companies you may recognize trying to positively change the world and make both your personal life and enterprise life secure and easy to use across the Internet down to […]

Source: https://www.jasonsamuel.com/2020/11/11/a-deep-dive-into-the-citrix-hdx-fido2-and-windows-hello-optimized-virtual-channel-with-virtual-desktops-and-apps-using-usb-nfc-ble-and-built-in-authenticators/